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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect in Your First Visit?

Borage Flower Your first appointment is typically a comprehensive 1.5 hour consultation. During this visit we will discuss your health concerns and address any questions you may have about herbs, nutrition, supplements and the healing process. I may ask you about some things that you might not think are connected to your chief complaint, for example, your emotional life, sleeping patterns, and eating habits and other life style factors. A s in my practice the key to health is to consider the whole person, not just isolated symptoms. Although treatment will focus on your chief complaint, your whole being must be considered in order to develop the best course of treatment. The modality I practice is unique in that it appreciates that illnesses might appear identical, but the persons suffering from them are distinct individuals. Following your initial consultation, I will research your case and develop a treatment plan which we will review at your 2nd visit.

How Long Will it Take?

There is no single simple answer to this question. Really it depends very much on the individual and on the nature of the illness. Generally speaking, the longer you have been sick the longer it will take to regain your health. As a general guideline, you could expect to see some improvement within 2 to 3 weeks and to have significant results within 2 to 3 months. It is also important to recognize that herbs are only a part of the therapeutic protocol - attention to diet, exercise, lifestyle and so on is also usually essential and without this the herbs cannot be expected to work well.

What is BIA?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis BIA is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis BIA is a method of assessing your body composition. It accurately measures your body fat, muscle mass and water content. Research shows that body composition is directly related to health. Excess fat mass in relation to lean body mass is associated with altered metabolism and with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions. The BIA allows for early detection and therefore intervention and prevention of these conditions. BIA is more sophisticated and acurate than your bath room scales, but just as quick. It is a simple procedure that is preformed in my office. This procedure is preformed by connecting 2 electrodes (similar to AKG electrodes) to your right hand and fit, while you lie down flat, with your cloth on, on the exam table. Over 100 clinical studies were preformed with BIA in the past 20 years, demonstrating this to be a useful and accurate tool to determine body composition.
The Use of BIA will help us to:

  • Scientifically and accurately evaluate your current health level
  • Create an effective, individualized plan to accomplish your wellness goals
  • Check your progress along the way and alter the plan, if necessary

Why do we all need herbs and supplements?

We all know our bodies need nutrients to function properly. But how do we know which nutrients we need and in what amounts? If we all ate a perfect, organic, plant based diet, and were not exposed to environmental toxins, emotional stresses or have problematic family histories, then there would be no need for supplements. However, no one can meet all those criteria. We all need nutrients at higher levels than what we can get from our diets – as in today’s world the soil, the air and the water are all deprived of essential nutrients. Supplements make up for dietary inadequacies and genetic predispositions, and allow us to consume adequate amounts of nutrients without requiring us to eat unrealistic amounts of certain foods.